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afghanistan. it's called dal of honor, and even though it isn't even out yet, it's created a controversy. the problem is that you can choose tplay as a meer of any team, the taliban the united states. so you could be a taliban member and kill american soldiers. the u.s. military is so upset about this that te game has been banned from being sold on most u.s. army bases. the good news, i suppose, is here's a situation in which the united stas could have a decisive victory over the taliban. too bad it's just a game. thanks for joining my program this week. i will see you next week. will this be the day iran finally freeze an america hiker? three days after that deadly explosion in san bro, californ, workers return to
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their devastating neighborhood. modern-day flavor in the united states. we've have the shocking results of seven-year investigation. you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. we're waiting to see if iran is going to free detained u.s. hiker sarah shourd. shourd is one of three american hikers arrested in iran more than a year ago and accused of spying. late last week, iran announced shourd would be released, then said she wouldn't, but there'sw new hope today. we're filled in on this latest back and forth. as another delay by the iran government after originally saying american hiker sarah shourd woulde released. now officials have saying she can be released in exchange for $500,000 in bail money. the announcement coming on sunday, a leader saying in isle offering to release sarah
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shourshourd because of a medical condition she' s suffering from. they met with the hikers earlier on sunday. what's remarkable is ts is the first time his lawyer has met with his client since the first time he was hired toepresent them back in 2009. the lawyer telling cnn all three appear to be in good condition. he said sarah shourd was happy, although her wish is to see her fellow hikers r released as wel. since tehran and washington don't ve diplomatic relations, the swiss is going to play mediator in this matter. it is likely sarah's family will deliver the money to swiss officials and then the swiss will transfer the money in iran and that's when the release will take place. as far as the other two hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal, they're saying their not going anywhere. they also said there is enough evidence to show they were
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spying for the u.s. when they crossed over the in 2009, spying a serious crime in iran, one that carries the possible death penalty. so the ordeal far from over for those two individuals, but good news for sarah shourd if officials don't change their mind once again. the wafinver the past two days is evident of the deep divisionf the iranian government after the election of 2009. cnn, islam bad. >> reaction now from david axelrod who appeared on the sunday morning talk shows. he said he'll believ iran when he sees a freed hiker. >> we're hopeful and we're encouraged by this news, but there have been starts and stops on this before, and until that actually happens, you know, we're on a wait and see >> a representative for the mothers of the hikers saidhey are not yet making any public
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comments. growing concern out in the atlantic. american igorer is getting stronger and could be a major hurrice by toorrow. is tracking it for us. whatategory is it now? >> category 2,no though it's nothing to sneeze it. you can see it's verycy met c t very symmetrical. not too long until hurricane status. what we consider hurricane status and we're at 103. epression opical d number 12.t this thing came right off the african coast and turned into a tropical depression almost right away. and we've got tropical storm watches and warnings in effect for the cape verde islands, and there is a chance this is going
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to intensify and become our next main system, possibly, if our waves in the caribbean doesn't become julia first. it's that busy and that crazy in the caribbean. let's start with igor because this is a very powerful storm, and we'll take a look at the track and where this thing isth headed. you can see the forecast from the national hurricane center, and look at that cone of uncertainty. it just kind of scrapes to the north of the leeward islands and windward . we don't think it will be making landfall, so that's good news, but remember our last hurricane, earl, that blew on through there and moved to t north. so that's why this is providing a little concern because we're seeing some similarities there, however, there is some weakness in that subtropical ridge, and so far we're expecting this thing to steer northward. too early to tell for sure, so make sure you stay tuned to your hurricane headquarters for the latest on igor. let's talkbout that tropical storm in the caribbean int
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mentioned. there's a high chance here that this cluster of thunderstorms becomes a tropical depression in the next 48 hours. we're concerned about that one as well because some of t phese models picking these things up over tard the gulf of mexico of the all the computer models are pretty well clustered together here. we'll have to see what happens with a little bit of peak of hurricane season, we mentioned that yesterday, fredricka, but here we go with three different storm systems. >> thank you, jacque. we'll check back with you.e house leader hoyer says he thinks the democrats will likely lose their seats and thinks they'll suffer a setback on election day. >> i'm not going to speculate on a number, candy, but we're going to hold the house.
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i've been to 20 candidatesin the last few weeks. our candidates are feeling good, and what's going to happen is people are goingcompare not the perfect but the alternatives. t as joe biden likes to see, they're not going to compare us wi the almighty, they're going to compare us with the alternative, an alternative that wants to go right back toen president bush. >> they're oholding rallies, an elsewhere across the country, it's an tune to engyize the base. shannon tlrav is is at the rallies. looks like a sizeaboule turnout just 50 days or so before this mid-term election. what else the strategy here? >> the strategy is remember in november. that's the phrasthey're using, these activists are using at this rally for this rally, to
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rally conservative activists to come out and vote for their candidates in the mid-term election which you said was just a few weeks away. they're also hoping for a lot of turnout, and the delaware senate race, in anybody is following thisw race, you know christophe mcdonnell is the pick of the tea party. there is a republican congressman named mike castle who is picking up the republicaa establishment. they are basically going at a republican versus republican. he obama campaign likens it to republican cannibalism. in response, the o'donnell campaign is saying republicans are trying to eat their own. some people feel that republicans, that christine o'donnell, the more conservative of the two candidates, would be an easier target, an easier person to beat for the democrat, but the tea party express and other tea party activists are working hard to push her over
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the victory line, and that's part of what today is about. also eyeing the mid-term elections. >> so the tea party movement is working very hard to make sure christine o'donnell kind ofclin. how much money is she gaining from that movement? >> the tea party movement spent at least $200 million. they said they're bound to spena atever else it takes. it's not unlike the strategy used in nevada, in colorado and in kentucky. so they're hoping the strategy -- also, don't forget, joel miller just won the alaska gop primary. so it's not like what they've done in other races. they're hoping to close the deal with christine o'donnell in delaware as well. >> we've seen tea party rallies in the last year. can you tell me how these are different from those in the past? i can see clearly people have ui
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signs, they have american flag but in the past we've seen a lot of aen-obsernti-obama kind of p. >> absolutely, you're seeing a lot of that now. anti-democratic fervor. not a lot of people in love with president obama. but they're also taking direct aim at republicans, fredricka.i i spoke with brendan ste steinhauser, and he told me reblicans should also be worried. anyone concerned too moderate or liberal a republican, they're also on track here. >> thank you very much, shannon. does the tea party actually want to merge with the republican party? we'll be focusing on that in the 4:00 eastern hour when we see shannon and travis one more time for the nation's capital. in the meantime, the tea party has tapped into voter frustration, but the publicy is
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largely divided on its opinion on the movement. 36% had favorable reviews, 40% unfavorable and 24% are just unsure. one question is whether the democratic party is too b unpopular to beat its republican opponts. >> sharron angle might be the tea party's biggest gambler yet. a grandmother who doesn't mind hopping on the back of a harley and also has the tendency to shoot from the lip. >> he's been water boarding our economy for over a year etnow. >> with rhetoric like that, angle came out of nowhere and snapped up the endorsement of tea party leaders, including sarah palin and one republican nomination in the race for u.s.
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senate. her next opponent? the gop's ime target. one of the most powerful democrats in washington, senate majority leader, harry reid. >> will you be a tea party senator in the senate if you get in there? >> i don't know exactly what that means. i'll be a mainstream senator, ho is that? >> but democrats say angle is far from mainstream, pointing to her past calls to drastically reduce the size of government, by getting rid of the departments of energy and era. she's also made somets radical comments on ta radio. >> if the economy keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those secondue amendment revenues. they're saying, my goodness, what can we do to turn this country around? hey need to do t is take harry reid lout. >> what was that all about? >> those are not the a issues people are really concerned about. they're concerned about our homes, our economy, our jobs.
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>> on the other hand, she agreed there are domestic enemies in the government. >> we have home-grown enemies in our system, and i think whave those enemies in the walls of the senate and the congress. >> yes, i think you're right, bill. >> do you feel there are domestic enemies in the congress? >> a large focus of that conversation is what happened in our country in the last 18 months. >> do you feel there president d harre reid are enemies? >> i don't think any names were mentioned. >> those policies were yours you were talking about? >> those weren't my words. >> angle's comments on social security now starred reid. she says they were taken out of con context. >> i was conversationally speaking. sometimes words you pick, not it
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is best words you can use. >> 71% of nevada republicans prefer a differe candidate. los angeles's politicale candidate john ralston. >> i think sharron angle could be arrested on a felony tomorrow and she would still get 40% of the vote. >> we also catch up with senator reid. >> a lot of what she said was taken out of context. what is your response to that? >>d it's a little hard to take out of context when somebody says they want to phase out social security, get rid of medical care. >> a political wild card and the tea party's rise to power, sharron angle has two more months to convince voters to deal herin. >> me on theea party
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movement. well, they say that they are a grassroots vement. but who actually provides the seed money? a new york writer has been looking into that very topic and we'll be talking to her on a few minutes in discoveries made. the death toll may be rising in the neighborhood explosion in california. ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ he new cadillac srx. the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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like discounts for having a safe car. so go ahead. check with your neighbors. agent at 1-877-699-8970 or go to residents of a san bruno, california neighborhood will be escorted back home today. the neighborhood was devastated by a natural gas explosion d fire on thuday, but people in the actual burn zone won't be among those going back. also the coroner's office is examining new remains fod just last night. >> we have found remains at a location and we are in the process of conducting forensic tests. >> how many bodies do you have so far from the disaster? >> we have four bodies.
2:19 pm
three of them have been positively identified. we're working on the fourth. and as far as the remain that have been located, we're in the process of doing forensic tests. >> and they hope to have more information available on those remains later on today, in fact. we'll, of course, keep you sted posted. and he has more on the blast non investigation. >> reporter: surveillancns vide from inside lenardi's grocery store a quarter mile from the ex osion shows the power of the blast and then chaos. watch closely. at first peoplestop what they're doing, and then a few seconds later the doors are literally pushed in by the force of the explosion. frantic customers are seen running from one of the exits while others tried desperately to get out of the store. one of the victims, 20-year-old jessica morales, worked at this very store. jessica's friend showed us her facebook page which today is
2:20 pm
filled with con dolcondolence m. her boyfriend suffered burns trying to saveher. >> he went back in to save her but he couldn't do anything because the fire was getting her. >> at least four people watched this tragedy and cadaver dogs are being used to search for the missing. because of the intensity of the blast, it is possible, missing tors say, t may never be found. in the meantime, looking for answers as to what caused this explosion. >> many questions must be answered by all of us whose job it is to protect our people. what was the cause of this blast, of course, first and foremost. were there reports thatre there were odors escaping from the peline? if there were those reports, what actions took place in response to th ose complaints? does d ger lie in similar pipelines in populated areas? is there enough monitoring going
2:21 pm
on? >> the local gas company, pg&e, says they're scouring through records to verify reports that people smelled gas days before the explosion. many thousds of people showed up at a community meeting, many demanding answers as to when they would be able to get back into their homes and if their neighborhood is truly the national transportation safety board is the lead agency in the investigation. at this point they have notome to any conclusions, ask thnd th warn it could take months before a cause is discerned. >> folks in colorado hope to have a destructive wildfire under control in the next couple days. the canyon wildfire ripped through several isubdivisions boulder. at least 160ro homes have been destroyed, andre residents have
2:22 pm
not been allowed back in tir homes. today, protests turned deadly.
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a look at our top stories right now. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the united states will never be completely immune to terror threats. nine years after 9/11, napolitano tells the u.s. it's safer now than it was then, but she says there is no 100% guarantee that the country will
2:26 pm
not be attacked again. and for the 33 chatrapped miners in chile, somethinge to make their life a littleore comfortable. they've installed lighting make their lives a little more comfortable and they're also getting cigarettes. the florida pastor planning to burn the koran canceled those plans, but it hasn't stopped the protests around the world. two protestors were killed in a demonstration that drew hundreds. >> reporter: at least two people have been killed on a third day of protests here in ahanistan against a florida pastor and his planned koran burning. although the burning did not take place, the damage has alady been done. this time it took place in logar province, the province just south of the capital province of kabul in a district called robock. more than 600 pfeople gathered around the office of the
2:27 pm
district governor and wanted to burn it down. that's when the afghan national security forces came in to try to tame the crowd,instead shooting into it, killing those two and injuring at least four others. and although the burning did not take place, it seems as though this florida pastor played straight into the hands oe insurgency because the insurgents here in afghanisotan will use this to continue to recruit muslims and afghans for many months to come. atia bowey, cnn, kabul. now we want to show you a very different story. nee tennessee church is choosing to welcome their new muslim neighbors. jameel major from our memphis ffiliate wnc reports. >> reporter: these words say it all. >> once we put up the sign, probably within three days people from the islamic center contacted us and they were
2:28 pm
overwhelmed with emotion that we would be sote welcoming. >> reporter: steve stone, pastor of hearts chueh says when he heard about the plans for the multi-million-dollar community center to be built near his church, he had to act. >> i don't know much about muslims, and it would be a learning process for me. but we follow jesus and he tells us to love our ighbors. hoped by aid he putting out alc welcome mat for muslims, they might not associate christians with ise. >> those who associate christians with muslims, i can't judge those people that are christian, i just hope to take t -- i just think taking the name of christ d be hateful and do hateful things is a real insultr >> their congregation is taking
2:29 pm
their new relationship wither t islam center a step further. sdp >> their facility stl isn't quite finished and they asked us if they could use our facility for ramadan prayers, and i too that as acomplement. >> they pride themselves on their independence, but who is paying the bills? we'll look into that. [ george ] save $523. save $345. 16 minutes could save you 16%. come on.
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take a look right here at the nation's capitol. a pretty sizeable turnout for the tea party movement. they're trying to ral the base leading into the last week of primaries before the november 2nd mid-term elections. we'll have much more on the tea party rallies taking place in washington and other parts of the country, coming up.
2:33 pm
> meantime, tea party activists portray themselves as a grass roots movement, b it's largely bankrolled by two brothers, david and charles koch, two brothers who own similar business like braun. they wrote articles about the koch brothers. you didn't get a chance to talk much to the koch brothers, but instead you reached out to their friends and people who were pretty big fans of the kochs, right? >> some were fans and some weres critics. it was a shame, really, that the koch brothers who were known for being kind of stealthy and
2:34 pm
secretive didn't take time to talk to the new yorker. we asked for several months to talk to them but they don't like giving reviews about their political acts much, but i spoke with their friend and people who worked with them over the years, and i think what we were trying tdo was explain there was this fascinating back history that many people don't know to the tea party movement. >> meaning, while these two brothers have noteces said publicly that they are big backers of the tea party, they do finance a group that helps train, right, helps prepare people for these tea party movement gatherings, correct? >> yeah. actually, david koch and charles koch who lives in wichita, kansas and david koch lives in new fyork city, and between the two of them they'reso worth something like $ billion, which means if youut their fortunes together, they're the
2:35 pm
third largest fortune in america, really. and basically what david koch has said is he has nothing to do with the tea party. he's never been asked t fund it and he's never gone to a tea party rally. but what he doesn't say and what i was writing about is that he actually founded an organization called americans for prosperity, and americans for prosperity itself has been one of the two central professional, political operations organizing the tea party. so what americans for prosperity does is plan the rallies, it gets the speakers, it buses the protestors to the rallies. at some point they were making the placards for the protestors, and i basically provides next-day training also after the rally, so it takes the ordinary american citizen who feels so angry at the government, maybe, or just generally put out by the economy for obvious reasons -- it's been an awful economy --s t
2:36 pm
takes that anger and channels it in a certain political direction and organizes them kind of toward this tea party agenda. basically whathe kochs have done, and they've been working at this many, many years, they've tried to turn americans ifainst the federal government. epicenter of an pecifically anti-obama administration moveme, not just government. you write specifically that even friends are quoted saying these brothers are's anti-obama and that is what's helping to fuel this movement. >> certainly they've funded a lot of stealth attacks on obama in ma many directions, so many that people in the political world call the kochs action the kochtopus. they've protested against the
2:37 pm
obama stimulus. they've basically, if you turn over a rock, you can find mokoc money that's pushing against the oba administration. so -- anyway. >> jane, i just want to pull a quote. you write and kind of describe what they are all about, and you say at they're long-timeie libertarians who believe, quote, in drastically lower taxes, resources for the needy and environmental regulation. these views dov dovetail with ise brothers' corporatest interes. is ts consistent with the tea party movement, the mantra, the message that is being sent? >> i think the tea party movement is a veryamorphous thing. more and more it seems to be kind of aligned with the far
2:38 pm
right of the republican party. but i think it represents all kinds of people who feel frustrion right now. and so what -- what i've tried to do in this story is fill in the blanks and connect the dot, which show that these two incredibly powerful, wealthy industrialists actua ll have been pouring money into trying to channel the anger in america into an agenda that's good for their company, among other things. so you do see sort of the tea party protesting things like environmental regulations, which seems kind of strange in some ways but basically the americans for prosperity has come out swinging against things like c and trade policies, against the environmental protection administration in every direction, which is what the kochs are interested in because they have a history of polluting in a very big way. and a recent study by the university of massachusetts m as one of the top
2:39 pm
ten air epolluteres in the country. >> jane, have you heard from the koch brothers in any way as a result of your articlehich is w in some ways complimentary, and in other ways very scathing and critical? >> you know, not personally. and i'm sorry about that. people tell me david koch is a very charmingman i and i'm sure charles koch is a very smart man. i would have loved to talk to them. unfortunely, they sort of like to operate behind the curtains. >> okay. jane mayor of the new yorker, fascinating article. we did actually pull a poquote. this was a response from the koch industries, a response too your reporting, and it says, quote, we provided the nork norks -- new yorker with a tremendous amount of information. unfortunately,gehat information was largely omitted or ignored resulting ind se inaccuracy and misstatements.
2:40 pm
koch industries -- the company being led by the two brothers, david ask charles -- koch industries goes on to say that the new york era kusz the koch to be veeycovert. they clearly state the philosophies and institutions we support, unquote. any farther? >> they were so covert they couldn't answer a single question from the new yorker and information they provided was actually just stuff on their web site. they're fascinating characters. they're hu ame players in amerin politics. the organization they found is pouring $35 million into the mid-term elections to push their political views and it would be great if they would speak more. jane mayor from the new yorker. apprecia your time. >> good to be with you. reading, writing and gunfire
2:41 pm
drills. students in mexico learning survival skills in case bullets fly.
2:42 pm
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>>get used to the word igor. we started talking about it sterday, and now we'r talking about it a lot more because it's bigger, it's stronger, it's fatter. about michael jackson.talking >> he's bad, too. >> unbelievable. this thinge intensified lik crazy in the last couple hours, and we literally skipped from a category 2 and went to a category 4. the national weather center wasn't going to issue a statement on this until 5:00 eastern timeand they just sent out a statement saying based on satellite imagery, there is an estimate that it is a category 4 now. with winds at 130 miles per hour, so certainly a very powerful, powerful hurricane. look at the eye of this. this is a huge eye. it's probably about 20 nautical miles wide. it's a very strong storm.
2:45 pm
it could continue to do so, it's movingver very warm waters. you can see what we call outflow. you can see how we kind of see that layout or splaout of some of those winds. the track has been updated as well. it really hasn't changed in terms of the direction we think it's going. but it could get up to 150 miles an hour. if it gets past b145, it becom a category 4 storm. we'll continue to monitor igor and keep you up to date throughout the weekend and into next week as well. >> how ominous. thank you, jacque. every child has been through a fire drill in the school year, rilght? well, in one school in mexico, the children are practicingll gunfire drills. they're learning what to do when buets star flying there.
2:46 pm
it's just another disturbing sign for juarez, mexico's violent city because of a war on drugs. >> at the blow of a whistle, children immediately dropped to the ground and covered their ads. this is noa physical education exercise. for these children in juarez, the most viol city in mexico, it's a lesson that may save their lives. >>o we teach them not to run, says this police officer in charge of the training, who adds that the most important thing is for kids not to panic and start running in all directions. the security program was created eaier this year after a man was shot to deathust outside his school. the school now looks like a military compound with bars all around it and barbed wire over its walls. >> this father of a student at that school said the shooting happened during recess whck some
2:47 pm
parents bring snacks to theirut children and students get out to the playground. somebody could have been killed by a stray bullet. this school principal is grateful that so far no children ve been killed or wounded despite the frequent violence around schools. it is very unfortunate that our children nowadays have to live in this environment, says this principal who fully supports thr security training program. there was some controversy surrounding the program when the governor of the state of chihuahua where juarez is located said it sent the wrong message. but school officials say their priority is to keep children safe, and this program may do just that if shooting erupts just outside the classroom. cnn, atlanta. back to this country. with mid-term elections just weeks away, negative political advertising is getting personal. democrats, republicans and their political strategies. that's coming up. announcer ] ity with fire in its veins. bold. daring.
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capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. rds alone aren't enough our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cro. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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time for a cnn equals update. we're keeping you up to date on the cnn political ticker. an influx of money for primarie in delaware, the tea party express is putting $250,000 behind their candidate. christine o'donnell, the republican choice. the opponent is mark castle.
2:51 pm
john mbaynor said he may side with democrats on their tax plan. he says he'll support the president's plan to extend some bush era tax cuts if there is no better option. and be sure to checkut the cnn 100. we're taking a closer look inside the top 100 house races heading into theritical mid-term elections. today is illinois. it's the illinois 17th. thatace may be a good indicator of how the country could swing. abt $73 million has been spent on congressional races so far this year. and it's just now beginning to heat up if you want tknow the political strategies for the mid-terms, all you have to do is turn on your television these days. here now is cnn congressional correspondent, brianna kheiler. >> this is congressional correspondent's john runyon's
2:52 pm
house. >> when it comes to political ads, democrats are getting personal. >> runyon doesn't call it a house. he tried to call it a farm. runyon bought one donkey to try to get a tax break by saying he lives on a farm. >> desperate. that's what tom runyon's campaign this ad by his owe pony, john radler. but they're all doing the same thing,ays one political analyst. >> they're looking for those things to disqualify an opponent ithat they can highlight i sn r ad so you can at least win by bringing down your opponent. >> liket incumbent florida democrat suzanne kosmas who is using her opponent's own words against her. >> 16 and17. we need to go back to the way our forefathers wanted us to
2:53 pm
vote. >> as democrats zero in on something negative with their opponents, republicans are going a different route with their ads, hoping to nationalize elections by blaming democrats on the bad economy and accusing them of being in step with washington. >> he's voted with nancy pelosi 88% of the time for the obama-pelosi health care plan, the bailout, even the $80 million stimulus that failed. >> u could put many democrats who are in tough races in the exact same spot he's in this this ad. >> the president has low numbers, low popularity, he's ahead in unpopularity right now, sohe's going to cash in on everything he can. >> this ad never even mentions the democratic opponent. >> enough of barack obama and nancy pelosi? enough of the attacks on west
2:54 pm
virginia jobs ? yifou had enough, david mckinley for congress. a church destroy on 9/11 still planning to rebuild nine years later. why the members say th're not getting enough help. i didn't miss a premium payment for 10 years. the minute i got sick, i lost my insurance. not anymore. america's healthcare reforms change lives for the better. to find out how it can help you, visit us at am when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car.
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as the debate over the proposed islamic center near ground zero rages on, there is another fight over another place of worship virtually at the same site. marynow has that story. >> reporter: this is the last known image of st. nicholas moments before the trade center collapsed, crushing the church. leaders of the church were abl toal v asalvage only a few item. along with prayer came a vow to
2:58 pm
rebuild the small church that was home to about 70 families. but nothing has happened. nine years later,ou look around, you see all this construction. st. nicholas is nowhere to be found. how hard of a struggle has this been? >> it's been trying, to say the least. i think from day one we recognized we were a very small piece a very large puzzle. we still have hopewe we will be rebuilt on the same site, but it might be hopelesslo >> reporter: the church's location is at the ground zero site and the port of authority in new jersey is overseeing construction there. rebuilding includes using public money. years of negotiations have gone nowhere. and with focus on the proposed islamic site near ground zero, the plight of st.
2:59 pm
nicholas has gone virtually unnoticed. >> does it bother yu christians have come out on that community center but no one is in support of your church? >> no, ty're two separate issues. >> separate issues, yes. but the chch rently stoodti to draw attention to the stalemate, saying the port of authority stopped negotiating. >>t's too bad it took the mosque to bring attention to st. nicholas. >> but the port of authority says st. nicholas rejected its offer of a new church. >> the question has always been should millions of dollars be used to build the church on a site that didn't further delayl >>site.ld trade center >> there are people that i this is all about money. what do you say to

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